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Better Policing

The City of Woodbury spent $12,000,000 for a new Public Safety training facility in 2010. In 2012, the State of Minnesota spent +$4,000,000 to build a shared East Metro Public Safety Training Center.

Now, the city is abandoning that plan and moving forward with another new $18,000,000 building to house the East Metro Public Safety Training Facility.

We must challenge police training that ends in outcomes where innocents are killed, like Mark Henderson. I believe better training is possible and will lead to better outcomes between police and the citizens they protect and serve.

We don't blame the police, we must be willing to improve outcomes by addressing our police training. Our police are not a problem, but our police training is.

On November 6th in Woodbury Minnesota, Remember for Better Accountability, Better Policing, Better Water, Better Vote Braun.

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